Snapdragon: growing from seeds, planting and care in open ground
Many people know this popular, short-lived perennial from the plantain family. Modern varieties are long-flowering
Hoya flowers
Hoya flower: care rules and whether it can be kept at home.
Author: Elena N. Category: Houseplants Published: January 20, 2019Last edits: October 16
Description of the species and popular varieties of ampelous lobelia. Planting and flower care features
Lobelia ampelous belongs to the Campanula family. The genus includes more than 300 species. Most of
Purslane: types and varieties, photos, growing from seeds, care
Purslane, or dandur, is a plant that grows primarily in the tropics of the Northern and Eastern Hemispheres. Family
White inflorescences
Bacopa: photos of varieties with descriptions, features of growing at home
Bacopa (another name for Sutera) is a beautiful and unpretentious hanging herbaceous plant with flexible, hanging,
Hoya photo indoor photo
Hoya (Wax Ivy): care at home, is it fashionable to keep it at home? Flower photo, types, cultivation, feeding, replanting
Plants » Flowers 0 1329 Article rating Kira Stoletova The exotic flower Hoya belongs to
catharanthus flower
Catharanthus - planting and care in open ground and at home, photos of varieties
Catharanthus is an exotic shrub with long-lasting contrasting flowering. It is also known as cayenne jasmine
Ivan-tea (fireweed): how to grow in a summer cottage, photo of the plant, at home, description of reproduction, diseases and pests
Since ancient times, fireweed has been taken as a remedy to get rid of many diseases.
Calibrachoa flower. Description, features, types and care of calibrachoa
Calibrachoa ampelous flower The plant can feel good both in flowerpots and in
Why does indoor geranium dry out and what to do if the leaves turn yellow at the edges or completely and the buds wither?
Indoor geranium, or pelargonium, is a very unpretentious plant. It is undemanding to temperature, watering and
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