The most useful aphid breeding on prickly pear in Mexico
Everyone knows this hardy cactus with edible fruits. Prickly pear has flat, round, juicy shoots
How to plant and grow a cactus at home: tips for beginner gardeners
Selecting a container and soil Selecting a container: Cacti are quite demanding on the container in which they will be
Cacti, types, reproduction, care, interesting facts
Many people associate cacti with the desert, hot sun, rocky terrain and constant drought, which
Hare cabbage - what it is, what it looks like, main types, rules for planting and care
Hare cabbage - what it is, what it looks like, main types, rules for planting and care
An unpretentious perennial succulent of the Crassulaceae family, which will add bright colors to any flower garden or decorate a windowsill,
Cactus - short message (The world around us - 2nd grade)
Cactus is a perennial plant from the Carnation family. It comes from North and South
Your plant is a flower according to the zodiac: Cancer
Cancer is a representative of the water element, due to which indoor plants for Cancer should have fleshy stems
Decorative prickly pear cactus. Description and care features, photo of the plant
Opuntia, commonly known as prickly pear, is a large genus of the Cactaceae family.
Photo of Zamioculcas on the window
Zamioculcas (dollar tree): signs and superstitions, can you keep it at home
Why Zamioculcas is called the dollar tree It is not known for certain why Zamioculcas began to be called the dollar tree. Somebody
How to care for astrophytum at home
Astrophytum cactus: options for different types and examples of care at home
Growing and care The procedure for caring for astrophytums is traditional. The plant requires normal watering, fertilizing, protection
Bridge made of aerial roots of ficus rubbery photo
Ficus rubbery Home care Reproduction by cuttings Crown formation
Botanical description and characteristics of the plant Ficus rubber or ficus elastica (lat. Ficus elastica) -
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