Border roses: description, planting and plant care
Miniature border roses: their photos and descriptions We offer a brief description of miniature border roses as
Photo 1
Sweet violet Proshka (Frolov) - description of the variety and photo
The homeland of Saintpaulia is the mountainous regions of East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania). The genus has the greatest diversity in
Violets - description of varieties, care at home
Yellow violet description and characteristics Yellow violet belongs to the Saintpaulia group - that’s what they call
Photo identification of diseases and pests of roses with description, treatment and control measures
Sometimes diseases and pests destroy roses in a matter of weeks. In order not to lose precious seedlings,
EK-Violets website of breeder Elena Vasilyevna Korshunova
Every year, international communities of violet lovers receive many unusual varieties of these indoor beauties, and are working on creating
Orchid propagation
How to grow an orchid from a peduncle - three simple ways to get babies
Representatives of the orchid family are magnificent flowers that delight with their bloom, beauty and variety for a long time. At
How to grow an orchid from seeds at home: instructions
What is culture? Every day the orchid appears more and more
Saintpaulia - photo, home care, reproduction
Saintpaulia is a genus of beautiful flowering plants in the Gesneriaceae family. Some of the most popular indoor
Orchid care calendar
We help orchids survive autumn and winter at home. Plant characteristics and care recommendations
Caring for orchids in general is not as difficult as it seems. It is enough to know the life cycle
Nephrolepis cordifolia
Uplifting Fern or Nephrolepis sublime
Nephrolepis is a genus of fern plants that belong to the Lomariopsis family. The roots of the plant are not
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