Decorative indoor lemons in the house: care, planting, features
Lemon is a popular ornamental crop that is popular not only because of the possibility of growing
Planting and caring for Schisandra chinensis in open ground
All about Schisandra chinensis: planting, care and use
Author: Elena N. Category: Fruit and berry plants Published: August 18, 2017Last edits: November 02
Asparagus: how to grow a tender but unpretentious plant at home
Asparagus is the name given to a whole group of perennial shrubs that look like fir trees with soft needles.
Tangerine tree in a pot: features of growing at home
Orange is the hit of the season! How to grow a tangerine from a seed?
Tangerines are an indisputable attribute and harbinger of the New Year. Citrus notes spread like a magical trail through the
7 plants for a fruit garden in your own apartment
10 indoor fruit trees you can grow at home all year round
The right choice Fruit-bearing plants require plenty of sunlight, preferably at least 8 hours
Calamondin fruit
Citrus calamondin, what kind of fruit is it, growing and care at home
Calamondin or, as this indoor variety of citrus is also called, citrofortunella is a hybrid obtained from
How to plant banana from seeds
Growing a banana palm at home - care rules, lifespan
Banana palm (tree) is an ornamental plant that will add exoticism to the interior, and with regular
How to grow decorative peppers from seeds at home
OgorodGuruCom Tips and recommendations for gardeners Popular List of potato varieties that the Colorado potato beetle does not eat
How to grow pineapple from seeds at home?
It's hard to find a person who doesn't like pineapples. But few know that this extraordinary
Indoor pineapple - how to care for it at home
In Latin America, where pineapples live in the wild, there are eight species of this perennial
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