Schisandra - photos, medicinal properties and contraindications, planting and care, growing from seeds
The healing properties of Schisandra chinensis have been known since ancient times, but its decorative qualities
Planting and caring for medlar in the garden
How to grow medlar from seed at home?
Author: Elena N. Category: Fruit and berry plants Published: June 23, 2018Last edits: April 15
Lemon tree - features, home cultivation, care and main problems (91 photos + video)
A lemon tree on the windowsill is a real decoration of the house. In addition to the beautiful shiny dark green foliage
Date palm: description, types, home care
Many people love dates. But many have tried them only as dried fruits, and far from
Passionflower types and varieties with photos
Edible passionflower: growing features and photos
The indoor plant Passiflora, which came to us from the tropics of South America and Asia, is a
Diseases and pests of homemade lemon, what to do and treatment methods
Why does indoor lemon get sick? Indoor lemon requires special growing conditions. The plant reacts sharply to
Avocado tree - what it looks like, features of planting in a pot and on the site, choosing a seed
Avocado tree - what it looks like, features of planting in a pot and on the site, choosing a seed
Since ancient times, people have been familiar with such an evergreen fruit plant as the avocado tree.
Diseases and pests of fruit trees and shrubs: description with photos, treatment methods
No matter how well you care for the fruit trees and berry bushes in your
Date canarian
Description of the Canary date variety, growing from seeds at home
Botanical features of the Canary date palm The Canary Islands are considered the homeland of the Canary date palm. In natural
How an avocado tree grows: growth characteristics, plant care and photos
October 13, 2018 Trees and shrubs Ksenia Edikhanova Avocado is known and loved by many, it
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