Bonsai tree - rules for use in interior design and ideas for use in landscape design (165 photos)
History The original idea to create a Japanese bonsai tree belongs to China. It was there that the unusual arose
Eustoma (Lisianthus) - planting and care at home
Many people know the eustoma flower under another name: Japanese or Irish rose, Texas bell, lisianthus
17 Best Ornamental Shrubs for Alkaline Soils
17 Best Ornamental Shrubs for Alkaline Soils
Ecology of life: On the website we have already touched upon the topic of problematic soils more than once, what they are like
For the health of ZAMIOCULCAS: correcting care errors
Zamioculcas relatively recently, only 10–15 years ago, became known to Russian flower growers. But for this
Decorative trees and shrubs with beautiful fruits for the autumn garden
The autumn garden leaves no one indifferent. Before the onset of cold weather, trees and shrubs play bright
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Must-have: what flowers must be in the house?
Signs and superstitions have become a part of our lives since ancient times. Almost all,
Is it possible to cut off the aerial roots of indoor monstera?
Monstera is a plant from the Araceae family, native to the tropics. This is an evergreen vine with
begonias in nature photo
How to preserve begonia from winter until spring at home: tips for caring for 2 types of flowers
Bright begonia bushes can turn any place into a piece of paradise, be it a windowsill, balcony,
Photo of Saintpaulia plant
List of plants that will bring happiness and love to your home
Saintpaulia The plant is also called “Uzambara violet” and is distinguished by outstanding decorative qualities. However, like
Bulbous house flowers. Photos and names, indoor, garden
List of links of all BCs Hello, beauty lovers. Today on the women's site we will talk about
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