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3 signs why indoor flowers constantly die at home
Too much water Flowers need to be watered regularly, but many people simply “flood” them
Violet “Blue Fog” - sky on the windowsill
Violets are common ornamental plants that are grown mainly indoors. Wide
Home flower wilted due to midges
How to get rid of midges in flower pots - all the ways
Indoor flowers are the joy of every housewife. Thanks to them, the rooms feel cozy
What plants can be grown from seeds at home on the windowsill?
Growing a plant from a seed at home is a fascinating and rewarding process. But then
Various varieties of peppers.
All about decorative peppers: creating a bright mini-vegetable garden at home
Popular types Ornamental peppers have several types and varieties. Colombian (conical), angular (Peruvian), cayenne,
Indoor flower
What indoor flowers should be in every house or apartment? What flowers should not be kept at home: prohibited list, reasons
The 15 best indoor flowers you should have in your apartment. Read the article why and
Woolly chickweed (Stachys byzantina) - planting and caring for the plant
Stachys or chistets is a perennial herbaceous plant of the Lamiaceae family. There are several annual species and
Arabica tree
Arabica coffee: features, best varieties, beneficial properties, taste and difference from robusta
General information about Arabica Arabica is a coffee tree from the genus of evergreen plants. This
Kalanchoe medicinal: main types and options for use
Kalanchoe is a medicinal plant, unpretentious and easy to care for. It came to European latitudes from
rose of jericho
Rose of Jericho (Silaginella) - what kind of desert flower is it?
A mysterious and amazing flower called the rose of Jericho was first discovered in the Middle Ages.
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