Must-have: what flowers must be in the house?

Signs and superstitions have become a part of our lives since ancient times. Almost everyone, even the most educated of people, believes in omens. Probably because it is extremely interesting to try to look at least with one eye into the future and find out what will happen to you and what event will happen.

Signs are associated with many objects and various situations: mirrors, dishes, animals, clothes, gifts, weather. Folk magic did not spare home plants either. There are many signs associated with indoor plants. From this article you can learn about some of them. So, let's begin…

Superstitions about the most popular indoor flowers


Cacti do not transmit negative energy if they are placed in the kitchen or hallway.
In the marital bedroom, the cactus makes the man and woman “prickly” towards each other. There is a version that the cactus must be placed in front of a computer monitor: it will absorb harmful radiation. The cactus is more suitable for men (it is also called the flower of male power) or married women.

Single ladies better beware of cacti - you may never find your happiness.


An ideal option for a convinced bachelor. In a woman’s house, ivy can cause harm: it considers itself an owner and will not tolerate the presence of a stranger.


This flower is better known as the money tree; in apartments it is better to keep the variety that blooms with leaves. If the plant loses its foliage abundantly or gets sick, this will lead to unplanned financial expenses or grief.



It is considered the flower of women: ladies plant it in their homes if they want to get married successfully. A married couple with spathiphyllum will find harmony and peace in their personal relationships.


There are two opinions about geranium. On the one hand, it can bring loneliness into the house, but at the same time it is considered healing. Geranium fights well against colds and helps relieve swelling from bruises.

red geranium


This plant is loved by many for its unique healing properties; rumors about its harm can be classified as myths. Aloe rewards its owners only with positive energy.


Such a plant is capable of spreading happiness and goodness around itself: callous people become softer with it, selfish people become more merciful. If the Decembrist began to bloom not in December, but at another time, this only means positive changes.



Never place pots of ficus trees in your bedroom . The flower is endowed with powerful energy and can act as a barrier to negative news and gossip. Copes well with anxious thoughts.


The plant is called an energy vampire: it can suck all the juices out of a person. Monstera owners themselves often do not notice how they cannot overcome chronic fatigue and signs of depression.



Behind the external attractiveness of this plant also lies the ability to feed on the positive energy of its hosts. There is an opinion that an orchid blooms due to the shortcomings of its owners. If you keep an orchid in the bedroom, it seriously disrupts your sleep patterns.

Houseplants with negative signs

Some indoor flowers should be treated with caution, as they can emit negative energy, creating a tense atmosphere in the house.

With cacti standing at the door, thieves and robbers are not afraid. But the energy of prickly helpers sets spouses against each other.

Fun will give way to sadness when calla lilies .

The beautiful orchid has the ability to take away life force, which is dangerous for insecure and apathetic individuals.

A single woman should not get involved in growing climbing plants . With ivy it is difficult to find a life partner. This plant drives away gentlemen, not allowing them to approach the mistress.

Violet lovers are unlucky with love, and they also suffer from women's diseases.

Plants for money well-being

What flowers should you keep at home to make money flow:

  • According to the Chinese teachings of Feng Shui, the leaves of the crassula resemble coins. The financial well-being of the family will largely depend on the condition in which your flower is located. A well-groomed plant can increase the amount of funds accumulated by its owners;
  • The dollar palm also influences the material component in the apartment. Where the plant got its name from is unknown. Most likely, this was a cunning marketing ploy to better distribute the palm tree on the market;
  • Bamboo can help you move up the career ladder. It is also considered a symbol of longevity and good humor;
  • Aucuba, or golden tree, will help develop various creative abilities and professional skills. Such a flower will immediately let you know if it senses enemies and envious people among the guests in the house. The golden tree can strengthen the spirit of its owner and give him strength to solve difficult problems;
  • in rare cases, a paper flower is grown in apartments: this plant is a shrub and is more suitable for planting in open ground. However, if you purchased it for growing in an apartment, you are very lucky. The paper flower is famous for its unique ability to attract wealth.

Can all species be grown in an apartment, and which ones cannot?

Folk signs warn which flowers cannot be grown at home. Some of them are poisonous and make people feel unwell. Others have negative energy and contribute to quarrels, family discord and even divorce.

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When growing indoor plants at home, they need to be replanted, cuttings separated, and dry or damaged leaves and branches removed. There is close interaction with them.

But in nature there are poisonous flowers that are dangerous to humans and cannot be grown in your home:

  1. Dieffenbachia . The sap of the plant is very poisonous. When a part of a flower is cut or damaged, it releases toxic substances into the air. This can lead to poor health.
  2. Oleander . A flower with beautiful buds contains hot juice. A small drop will cause a skin burn.
  3. Euphorbia . According to signs, all types of this plant are not recommended to be grown at home. Sharp spines and juice, which causes allergies and irritation - all this makes it dangerous.
  4. Mimosa bashful . Releases toxic substances into the air. If you constantly touch its leaves, a person’s hair will soon begin to fall out.
  5. Spathiphyllum . The sap of the plant burns the skin and causes ulcers.
  6. Pachypodium . Provokes an allergic reaction, difficulty breathing.
  7. Lily . It is not recommended to keep it in the bedroom, because the flower emits carbon dioxide. The next morning the person feels a severe headache.
  8. Ficus . The evaporation of smooth leaves causes allergic shortness of breath and suffocation in humans.
  9. Hydrangea . Allergy sufferers should not keep it at home, because the flower buds emit a smell that provokes a dry cough.

All plants that have sharp leaves, thorns, and needles have a negative energy field. It is believed that they are the ones who bring scandals, quarrels, and misunderstandings into the family. An exception is that flowers with soft needles can be kept at home.

According to signs, some flowers should absolutely not be kept in the house, for example:

  1. Bonsai . A dwarf tree grown at home will hinder the financial and career growth of its owner. This flower is appropriate to keep in the office.
  2. Cacti . Unmarried girls should not be kept in the house. In married couples they provoke scandals and quarrels.
  3. Monstera . This is a powerful energy vampire. The person feels constant fatigue and irritation.
  4. Orchid . It is popularly believed that this plant is “muzhegon”. It takes away male power, feeding on positive energy in the house.
  5. Sansevieria . The flower drives away suitors from the house of an unmarried woman.

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About which flowers should not be kept in the house and why, in the video:

For good health

Useful flowers for the home that bring health:

  • chrysanthemum helps to put in order a shaken nervous system. If your flower looks healthy, there is no doubt that its owner is a very kind person;
  • and geranium will not only relieve stress, but also give a charge of positive energy;
  • pink sorrel helps in healing from serious illnesses and promoting health. Be sure to place it in the room where the sick person is;
  • A pot of cyclamen is good to place in the bedroom: it protects the strength of those sleeping. It will ideally take root in the nursery and will protect your baby from unwanted “sores”.

What flowers are not advisable to keep at home?

With all the diversity and positive impact on human life, among the plants intended for home cultivation there are also undesirable ones. Some flowers are unsafe for children, some can cause allergies.

Dieffenbachia is a very spectacular, luxurious plant. They are often used to decorate halls, verandas and offices. However, Dieffenbachia juice is very poisonous; if it gets on the skin or mucous membranes, it can cause not only irritation, but also a burn. Therefore, this flower should be placed in rooms with children with caution.

The beautiful azalea is also unsafe, as it contains toxic substances. Dangerous for animals and children. Once in the body, it can cause nausea, vomiting, and disrupt the functioning of the heart muscle. In addition, its strong aroma may not be to everyone's taste.

The very name of the plant - monstera - should evoke awe. This “monster” on its incomparable leaves has tiny needles that can sometimes cause a burning sensation. However, in most cases the monstera does not pose any danger.

The incredibly beautiful bright orange flowers of clivia make it very popular for use in interior design. But for small households and their four-legged friends, clivia juice carries the risk of stomach upset.

For family happiness

Indoor flowers for home well-being, bringing happiness to the house:

  • The article has already mentioned a flower for female happiness - spathiphyllum. The plant helps not only to get married successfully, but also to give birth to a healthy baby. A similar flower exists for men. Anthurium can give a young man strength; help in resolving personal and professional issues. It is best for a married couple to have both plants. Husband and wife must take care of the flowers themselves - each with their own;
  • The violet is considered a symbol of eternal love. The flower nullifies all disputes and conflicts;
  • Chlorophytum is another name for the plant of family happiness. It was very popular during Soviet times; housewives love it for its unpretentiousness. Even if a person does not believe in omens, he certainly will not regret placing such a flower in his apartment: chlorophytum is considered an excellent air purifier;
  • The Chinese rose can help that married couple whose feelings have already cooled down. The flame of love will flare up with renewed vigor;
  • In many countries, it is customary to give newlyweds myrtle to strengthen mutual understanding in the family. The plant will bring with it eternal youth, beauty and harmony;
  • geranium is also a frequent resident in the home of a loving couple. A flower with pink petals is best purchased by those who have been married for a long time. White flowers are suitable for a couple planning to have children.

How to neutralize the negative impact of bad omens

If home flowers suddenly begin to fade or lose their buds for no apparent reason, perhaps the owner should pay more attention to his family and home. Plants, protecting the hearth, thus indicate existing problems. Therefore, you should not begin to suspect your enemies of causing damage: flowers can bloom again immediately after a person changes his attitude towards himself and the people around him.

If damage or the evil eye is confirmed in the house, you should clean your home with the help of an invited priest or yourself, carrying out a general cleaning and sprinkling the walls with holy water. It is also recommended to plant a few more young plants, which will symbolize the beginning of a new life.

A dying plant in the house is not always a sign of bad influence from outside. Much more often this is a consequence of the carelessness of the owner, who does not know how or does not want to care for his “pet”. The plant needs proper watering, fertilizing, enough sunlight and human love. Yes, you heard right - human love can work miracles, eliminating all troubles.

We select a plant according to the zodiac sign

What flowers should be in the house of each zodiac sign:

  • For Aries, flowers that can cope with their violent temperament are suitable. These could be roses, azaleas or begonias;
  • Taurus will be pleased with an unusual plant: a varietal Saintpaulia or a lily of rare colors. For representatives of the sign, not only the flower itself is important, but also the pot in which the plant is placed. Taurus will not tolerate cheap and ugly packaging for their green “pets”;
  • Geminis are changeable people. A good option for a suitable flower for them would be one that does not require daily care. These are palm trees, lilies and orchids;
  • When choosing indoor plants, Cancers should stick to traditional options. Ficus or Kalanchoe are ideal here;
  • It is best to give Leo the brightest indoor flowers. Representatives of the sign will like the Chinese rose or camellia with its thick greenery and rich color;
  • Virgos are distinguished by their practicality, so when choosing a plant, they evaluate possible options from the point of view of benefits. It is important for them that the flower brings a harvest or purifies the air in the apartment. In this case, lemon tree or chlorophytum are suitable;
  • For Libras, a sense of style often comes first: they should choose elegant and sophisticated plants as gifts. Opt for an orchid or hibiscus;
  • Scorpio has quite heavy energy: not every plant is able to get along with him. The best option here would be azalea;
  • active Sagittarius will not be able to get along with calm plants, but they will definitely like exotic flowers. Representatives of the sign should take a closer look at indoor lemon;
  • Capricorns will prefer flowers that do not require special care. Ficus will be the best gift for them;
  • Aquarians always give preference to everything unusual; They, for example, will consider arrowroot a flower with a “twist”;
  • Pisces love those plants that bloom beautifully. A pleasant aroma is also an important condition when choosing. Representatives of the sign should be given an orchid or azalea.

Where did the belief come from?

Our ancestors worshiped inanimate objects, endowing them with magical properties. What can we say about fresh flowers, which have healing properties and sensitivity to the outside world. For our ancestors, the withering of a flower or its buds during the growth period symbolized death or its sad manifestations. Whole dried flowers were compared to cemetery flowers brought to the grave for commemoration. Therefore, superstitions warn the owner of a fading flower against impending troubles. Keeping dried flowers at home is a very bad sign, indicating that the owner of the house is either inviting misfortune to himself or practicing black magic.

Signs for donated flowers

A bouquet of flowers is considered a universal and neutral gift. Here you should also adhere to the rules and accept:

  • You should not give yellow flowers; at most, use them as an addition to the composition;
  • Dried flowers have no place in a gift - they symbolize a lifeless state and stagnation;
  • A flower with a yellow eye (center) will ward off the evil eye, envy and negativity;
  • Forget-me-nots mean fidelity;
  • Lilac is the excitement of the one who gives;
  • A bouquet of roses near the bed - a man’s fidelity;
  • In some countries, calla lilies are brought to funerals;
  • A bouquet of lilies of the valley - to separation and fading of feelings.

And most importantly, they give only an odd number of flowers.

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